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How Smartek software can manage contractor compliance


Every business leader knows exactly how important compliance is, and how critical it is for their organisation to have appropriate processes in place to ensure all rules and regulations are being consistently met. Even with this awareness, it can be difficult for a focus on compliance to trickle down throughout the rest of the business. A great example of this is contractors – a consistently problematic area for companies trying to maintain compliance while employing staff on a temporary or intermittent basis. 

To minimise the risks associated with non-compliant contractors, businesses can use the Smartek platform as an all-in-one tool to manage compliance processes and ensure all parties are protected.

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Can you improve compliance with a culture of accountability?


We all know how important it is to comply with regulations and standards for any given industry. Compliance exists for a reason: To keep people safe.

As such, when a company fails to comply to the most current set of standards, they face a whole list of potential penalties – fines, suspensions and even jail time. Bottom line: When non-compliance becomes the norm for your organisation you are putting your people at risk and setting your business up for failure.

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How to manage the challenge of having contractors on site


Bringing contractors on site can result in a number of increased risks for your business, some of which can multiply further once they begin to subcontract these jobs out to other businesses. Most of the issues that can arise in these cases stem from a lack of control, which is why it's important to seek out services designed to make it simple to keep track of people throughout a worksite.

Smartek is created with these concerns in mind, and merges the desire for control with the ease-of-use expected from modern technology systems.

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What are the costs of an environmental breach in Australia?


Compliance is essential in every industry, but takes on particular importance in processing plants and manufacturing facilities where due to the products, components and processes involved and also the waste byproducts, there is more potential for things to go wrong. In addition to all the standard issues that every business must deal with, these companies tend to have additional matters and challenges to consider and action in order to maintain compliance.

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How to get employees engaged with hazard identification


Creating a safe workplace relies on teamwork. The more employees are engaged with an organisation's safety processes, the better its overall performance will be.

The difficulty lies in getting employees interested in the details, no matter how minor or mundane they may seem. This includes everything from big picture safety initiatives, to simple processes like hazard identification. Whether it's a chemical spill or box that isn't quite stacked properly on a high shelf, employees have to have clear processes for marking the hazards and alerting other staff. However, the most important thing to remember about hazard identification is that it's not something that happens once.


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